Clinics on Tap from Housing Authority


The city’s Housing Authority is hosting free clinics for landlords and tenants on Wednesday, July 27, and Thursday, Aug. 11. The clinics will address the city’s rent stabilization ordinance. The Housing Authority is the ordinance’s program administrator. The clinics will examine tenants’ new rights and landlords’ new responsibilities under the ordinance.

At the clinics, the Housing Authority will take a close look at the landlords’ rent-increase and termination-of-tenancy notices. It will address these notices’ timing, language and service. It will also provide examples. Landlords are encouraged to bring their notices for review. Interested parties must sign up for the clinics online at 

Clinics will have 20-minute sessions and 10-minute one-on-one sessions with rent program specialists to review notices or answer noticing questions. The Housing Authority does not provide legal advice. Each landlord and tenant is responsible for seeking the advice of legal counsel on any matters or documents. 

Landlords and tenants who register for workshops are guaranteed seats. The authority points out that the times and location of the workshops are subject to change or cancellation. If the Housing Authority cancels or moves a workshop, it will give a two-day notice by email to landlords or tenants who have registered. Learn more about the clinics by calling 747-4346.