Climate Change Workshop Set at West End Library


A climate change workshop facilitated by the Sunflower Alliance Education Committee has been set for 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 5, at the West End Library, 788 Santa Clara Ave.

Educators from the Sunflower Alliance will lead an interactive workshop to promote the understanding of basic climate issues. Using large visual aids, developed in conjunction with climate scientists, and small group discussions, facilitators will help participants to understand essential concepts. Some topics covered include, why two degrees is such a big deal; what is meant by unconventional extraction; why extreme cold is occurring as the climate warms; what are tar sands; and what sustainable solutions exist to remedy the climate crisis.

The Sunflower Alliance Education Committee is a group of people who want to bring climate education to the general public. It includes teachers, writers, retirees, climate activists, and citizens concerned about the future and who believe that global warming is the most important and urgent issue facing the whole of humanity and all life forms that exist today.

For more information, contact the West End Library at 747-7767.