Civicorps Offers Hope

A unique charter school for students who have previously dropped out of high school called Civicorps is open to Alameda residents ages 18 to 26. Young people come to Civicorps to earn their high school diplomas while engaging in paid job training on environmental mitigation projects throughout the East Bay. While working and earning their diplomas students are paid the new Oakland minimum wage of $12.25 an hour.

"As an Alameda resident I often see disconnected youth on Park and Webster streets standing around with no opportunities," said Michele Valenti Moore, director of development and community engagement at Civicorps. "Getting an education and earning a living wage, while acquiring employable skills is a real opportunity for our community."

Today, Thursday, March 26, and tomorrow, Friday, March 27, Civicorps students perform a special adaptation of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice set in modern Oakland. Now titled, Within Us this performance is "an original and topical exploration of the themes of justice, mercy, revenge and forgiveness," according to Moore.

The upcoming enrollment period and new student orientation for Civicorps begins Monday, April 3.

This orientation lasts one week and includes a program called "Alternatives to Violence" that truly breaks down barriers and sets the stage for student success. The following week classes begin.

Civicorps is located at 101 Myrtle St. in Oakland. To find out more, visit, or call Moore at 992-7832.