City Sets New Traffic Flow for Point during Construction

City of Alameda &nbsp&nbsp The city provided this handy map to help understand the changes to traffic flow at Alameda Point that will take effect next Tuesday.

City Sets New Traffic Flow for Point during Construction

Motorists may access former base at Trident Avenue while Atlantic Avenue East Gate closed

Construction has begun on the first phase of the $1 billion mixed-use, transit-oriented waterfront development at the gateway to Alameda Point called Site A. Located in the middle of Alameda Point, Site A effectively splits the Point in half. 

The Main Street Ferry Terminal, Antiques Faire, Spirits Alley, Bladium and Lexington and multi-purpose fields are located to the north, and the USS Hornet is located to the south. Due to construction taking place, extended road closures will occur in the middle of Alameda Point at Ferry Point and Orion Street. 

In addition, the Atlantic Avenue entrance will be closed at Main Street and a new entrance to Alameda Point will open one block north at Trident Avenue. 

The changes take effect next Tuesday, June 26, and will remain in place for two years.
To access locations north of Site A, a new roadway at Trident and Midway avenues and Main Street will open.

To access locations south of Site A, motorists are encouraged to use the entrance at Pacific and Oriskany avenues.

“We encourage everyone to determine their routes ahead of time so they do not experience any delays,” stated City Engineer Scott Wikstrom. “If you are traveling to north Alameda Point, use the Trident Avenue entrance instead of Atlantic Avenue; if you are traveling to south Alameda Point, use Pacific Avenue instead of Atlantic Avenue. And if you are traveling within Alameda Point, use Main Street to connect from north to south.”

Former Navy facilities are being torn down, (see related story on page 1) while major infrastructure improvements are being built, including new water, sewer, electrical and gas lines, newly paved streets with bike and transit lanes and bulkhead improvements on Seaplane Lagoon for the new ferry terminal. 

The planned mixed-use community will include apartments, townhomes, parks and nearly 100,000 square feet of space for restaurants, shops and offices. 

The city engineer, public works, base reuse and transportation departments are working together to minimize disruptions. Trident Avenue and Main Street is one block north of the existing roadway at Atlantic Avenue and Main Street. The city has alerted online map applications, like Google Maps, about the changes so driving instructions should reflect the changes. New signage will also guide travelers on Main Street.