City Seeks Comment on Map

The City of Alameda has collected more than 1,400 comments via an online map at that allows community members to note where they notice unsafe walking and biking conditions, where they’d like to see street-safety improvements and where they’ve had close calls with vehicles. 

The map is available in English, Chinese and Spanish. The public must provide comments by this Sunday, Jan. 26, to have them considered. 

“We encourage people to use this map to note where they’d like to see the city make it safer and easier to walk and bike,” said Rochelle Wheeler, senior transportation coordinator. “We also want to know where people have nearly been hit by a motorist, so we can get a fuller picture of the safety issues in the city.”

In the immediate term, the city is improving 16 intersections where child-involved collisions occurred last fall, and an additional nine nearby. Work on the priority intersections started in December and will be completed next month. 

This includes refreshing and enhancing high-visibility crosswalks, the addition of stop bars to encourage vehicles to stop farther back from crosswalks, additional red curb at intersections to improve visibility (daylighting), and additional signage. City staff is now developing the next phase of improvements to be installed before the fall 2020 school year.