City Scores Point Transit Grant

City Scores Point Transit Grant

The City of Alameda will be able to use $400,000 to develop policies and procedures regarding transportation at Alameda Point thanks to The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). The money comes in the form of two grants. 

The first $150,000 will fund staff time needed to develop a Transportation Demand Management Plan which will help create a transit-oriented community that minimizes automobile travel and encourages the use of alternative modes of transportation.  

The second grant of $250,000 will be used to prepare a detailed plan for the Main Street Neighborhood, located north of the Atlantic Avenue entrance to Alameda Point and immediately west of the Bayport neighborhood. 

This plan will provide for a mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly residential neighborhood with a variety of building types, small scale neighborhood-serving retail, parks and open space, and development standards that support transit use. 

The City of Alameda had received a similar MTC grant to prepare the Waterfront Town Center Plan, which is expected to be completed next month.