City Pens Traffic Plan

City Pens Traffic Plan


The city is offering the public a chance to comment on the recently released citywide plan to provide more transportation options for Alamedans at upcoming public hearings in the council chambers.

Residents will have the opportunity to give city officials feedback on the initial draft of the city’s Transportation Choices Plan at the Planning Board Meeting on Sept. 25, at the transportation commission meeting on Sept. 27 and the City Council meeting on Oct. 17.

The purpose of the plan is to help ensure the City sustains its high quality of life as the population continues to grow. The city aims to reduce thousands of drive-alone trips at the crossings and through Alameda over the next 15 years.

The plan projects and programs are expected to increase trips not driven alone by almost 14 percent. This reflects an increase from the 2030 baseline of 24,200 trips versus 27,500 trips on a typical weekday. It is also expected to decrease drive- alone trips at estuary crossings from the 2030 baseline of 14,400 trips to 12,700 trips in the morning peak hour. This represents a 12 percent decrease.

The next steps involve implementing the plan, which already is partially funded through grants and local monies in the two-year budget and the Capital Improvement Program totaling $61 million. To view the Transportation Choices Plan, visit