City Offers Discount Taxi Rides

Edgar Zamora     From left to right: Rajiv Sharma, owner of First American Transit/Welcome Taxi; LaTanya Wilson, taxi driver for First American Transit/Welcome Taxi; Millie Lum, taxi program participant and Mastick Senior Center volunteer; and, Victoria Williams, paratransit coordinator for the City of Alameda.


The City of Alameda is providing two discounted taxi programs for seniors and people with disabilities: Premium and Medical Return Trip Improvement Program (MRTIP). 

Vouchers for the premium program cost $1.50 each. Enrolled riders can use this service for different trips like shopping and doctor appointments. The premium program is available to residents of Alameda that are 70 years old or older, are enrolled with East Bay Paratransit and individuals are limited to a maximum of 30 premium taxi vouchers every three months. 

Vouchers for the MRTIP cost $2.50 each and are available to Alameda residents who are enrolled with East Bay Paratransit. The MRTIP provides a taxi ride home after a medical appointment anywhere in Alameda County and riders are limited to a maximum of 10 MRTIP Taxi Vouchers per month. 

Vouchers are sold on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9 a.m. and noon at the Mastick Senior Center, 1155 Santa Clara Ave. 

For more information on the taxi ride discounts, visit