City Needs New Climate Plan

Input wanted at upcoming meetings

The City of Alameda is asking for the community’s involvement while developing a new Climate Action and Resiliency Plan aimed at reducing Alameda’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Alameda staff, community and outside experts will work together to build a plan that will set 10-year goals and strategies for reducing dangerous greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change, according to a press release from the city.

Before the city finalizes any plans staff is soliciting climate-control ideas from residents. The city will host three community input workshops to hear from residents (see location and times below).

Alameda is more vulnerable to the negative effects of climate change than most Bay Area cities due to its location and geography. 

The San Francisco Bay has risen eight inches in the last century, according to several sources, including the Union of Concerned Scientists, an advocacy group of engineers and scientists whose aim is to solve critical world issues. 
Researchers believe the Bay could rise two feet by 2050 and five feet or more by 2100. If researchers are correct Alameda will face increased shoreline flooding, reduced air quality and severe storms.

Climate change will also result in more heat waves, wildfire smoke, droughts and dangerous weather throughout the region. While it is not currently possible to attribute any single event exclusively to climate change, scientists believe, on average, we’re going to see more frequent extreme and dangerous weather. These events put a strain on residents, businesses and infrastructure. 

Alameda has been trying to curb greenhouse gas emissions for more than a decade. The city released the Local Action Plan for Climate Protection in 2008. 
Other procedures taken include the Bicycle Master Plan update in 2010 and the Transportation Choices Plan earlier this year.

The city will plan additional community workshops if needed. 

For more information on the community input workshops, visit


Upcoming Climate Action Plan Workshops

  • Monday, Sept. 24, at the Harrison Recreation Center at Lincoln Park, 1450 High St. 
  • Tuesday, Sept. 25, at the Harbor Bay Isle Homeowners Association, 3195 Mecartney Road
  • Wednesday, Sept. 26, at the O’ Club, 641 West Red Line Ave.

All three meetings will begin at 6:30 p.m.