City to Launch Public Art Website; Complete Art Plan

City to Launch Public Art Website; Complete Art Plan

The City of Alameda will soon be launching a public art website to publicize the artworks of Alameda artists.

At the end of 2020, the Public Art Commission identified “improved marketing of the Public Art Program” as a top priority. One element of a broader marketing effort included the development of a website that would clearly identify existing public artworks in Alameda and provide an accessible means through which the public can locate and engage the Alameda’s diverse and growing public art collection.

Staff engaged local web designer, Jose Fernandez, and local photographer, Maurice Ramirez, to develop a website dedicated to public art in Alameda. The website is image-forward and includes an interactive map that allows a user to easily locate and learn about the many public murals, sculptures, photographs, and mosaics that comprise Alameda’s public art collection.

The website is expected to go live in early 2023.

News of the website comes as the city is soon to complete its Public Art Master Plan.

In May of 2022, the Community Development Department began developing a Public Art Master Plan to help refine short- and long-term priorities for the Public Art Program, bring greater equity in approaching public art in Alameda, and improve administrative and site selection processes. To assist with the development of the Public Art Master Plan, the City has contracted with Forecast Public Art, who has extensive experience working with both public and private partners across the country on issues surrounding public art.

As a part of the initial community outreach efforts, Forecast conducted a series of one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and community pop-up meetings. In addition, Forecast facilitated three discussions with the Public Art Commission to explore topics such as: defining public art, how public art should be dispersed throughout the city, the prioritization of temporary versus permanent art, the benefits of focusing resources on local artists versus soliciting interest from national or international artists, what peer cities are doing with their public art resources, grant solicitation processes, among others.

Completion of the Public Art Master Plan is anticipated for mid 2023.