City Hires Police Chief

City of Alameda Oakland Police Department Deputy Chief Nishant Joshi will become Alameda’s new police chief on June 8.

City Hires Police Chief

City Manager Eric Levitt announced the appointment of Oakland Police Department Deputy Chief Nishant Joshi as Alameda’s next Chief of Police.

Joshi will take the reins from Interim Police Chief Randy Fenn on Tuesday, June 8.

When making the announcement, Levitt said, “Nishant Joshi has a deep understanding of the issues we are committed to addressing and is the right person to work with our community and lead the department forward.”

Joshi has been a member of the Oakland Police Department since 1998, where he held several key leadership positions.

These include serving as Captain since 2014, and as Deputy Chief since last February

He and his wife live in Alameda as parents of three children; two attend school here, one is serving in the U.S. Army.

Joshi earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from California State University, Hayward, and a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership from St. Mary’s College in Orinda.

“I am confident I can lead the Alameda Police Department to be a premier agency engaged in 21st century policing that prioritizes community expectations while honoring all residents and their life experiences,” Joshi said.