City to Discuss FEMA Flood Maps

City of Alameda    The image above was taken directly from the City of Alameda’s CommunityView website. The site provides information on the new flood plain maps and many other geographic topics.

The City of Alameda Public Works Department announced last week it will offer two public presentations on the newly released Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood maps for Alameda. 

Two meetings have been set, both take place at 7 p.m., the first on Wednesday, Oct. 3, at the Community of Harbor Bay Isle Homeowners Association, Poppy Room, ground floor, 3195 Mecartney Rd. The second meeting will take place Thursday, Nov. 15, at City Hall, 2263 Santa Clara Ave., in the Council Chambers, on the third floor. 

FEMA recently revised and finalized the flood maps within Alameda County, which may affect the floodplain designation of property in the Island City. The new maps become effective on Friday, Dec. 21, and have added approximately 2,000 parcels within the City of Alameda to the special flood hazard area, commonly known as the 100-year floodplain. 

A view of the new flood maps and their relationship to parcels appears at right. They can also be explored in great detail on the City’s CommunityView website at

To see the flood maps, click on the “Legend” icon, scroll down to the “Environmental” heading and click on “FEMA100yr62018.” 

The areas shown in blue are in  the 100-year floodplain

The city must adopt the newly revised flood maps in order to continue participation in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The NFIP allows property owners apply for federally managed flood insurance, federally backed mortgages, federal grants and federal disaster relief. The program also provides a means for property owners to financially protect themselves, from risks not covered by standard homeowner’s insurance policies. Parcels mapped in the new flood zone are required to purchase flood insurance if they have a mortgage. 

For information on the NFIP and the insurance requirements or call (888) 379-9531. For more information, contact the Public Works Department at 747-7930 or between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday.