City Appoints New Fire Chief

City of Salinas    Edmond Rodriguez


City Manager Jill Keimach announced on Tuesday that the city has appointed Edmond Rodriguez, 51, as the city’s new fire chief. He is replacing Doug Long, who retired on Sept. 20 (“Fire Chief Steps Down,” Sept. 28). Rodriguez, who currently serves as the chief of the Salinas Fire Department, will assume his responsibilities on Nov. 13, the city stated in the press release announcing his appointment. 

“Chief Rodriguez brings exemplary skills to the Alameda community, and he has a strong track record of leadership and innovation,” stated Keimach. “The City conducted a thorough and rigorous recruitment and selection process, and Chief Rodriguez was the clear choice for this vitally important public safety position.”

Rodriguez holds a master’s degree in Fire Leadership Service, a bachelor’s degree in Fire Science, and an associate’s degree in Nursing. He is a licensed registered nurse and certified paramedic He is a California Certified Fire Chief and a graduate of the Executive Fire Officer Program.