City Among Honorees on Hornet for Doolittle Raid Anniversary

Scott Lindeman Former CV-8 crewman Richard Nowatzki looks on as Mayor Trish Spencer cherishes the Gold Medal presented to the city for its role in the 1942 Doolittle Raid.

About 500 people attended a ceremony aboard the USS Hornet that honored participants in the April 18, 1942, Doolittle Raid. Hornet trustee Bob Fish provided an overview of the daring raid.

Richard Nowatzki, a Hornet CV-8 crewman, who watched the B-25 aircraft take off from the flight deck provided an eyewitness account of the Doolittle Raiders aboard. He also accepted the medal awarded to USS Hornet officers and crew. He presented it to Hornet Museum CEO Scott Lindeman for permanent display at the museum.

Three other replica Congressional Gold Medals with Certificates were presented to:

 Frank Kappeler, a Doolittle Raider raised in Alameda. He passed away in 2010. His daughter Francia Kappeler accepted the medal.

 Henry Miller, the only member of the Navy declared an Honorary Raider. He was a naval aviator who trained the Raiders. His son, Henry Miller Jr., who also served as a naval aviator, accepted the award.

 The city of Alameda that will be forever intertwined with the Doolittle Raid saga. Mayor Trish Spencer and Councilman Tony Daysog accepted the medal on behalf of the city.