Chicken Fans Host Taste Test

Max Rogers  Ploughshares Nursery chickens chow down. In a recent taste test, the eggs from these babies were the best tasting on the Island.

Chicken Fans Host Taste Test

Point chickens lay best eggs in town

Some 190 members of the Alameda Backyard Chickens Facebook group recently got together for a hard-boiled egg taste-testing competitions at the invitation of Jeff Bridge of Ploughshares Nursery. The potluck lunch and taste testing brought chicken lovers from Alameda. 

Kimberley Foster Rogers, a member of the group, served as the judge. Rogers, who reportedly eats fresh laid eggs daily for breakfast found Ploughshares Nursery’s hens’ multi-colored eggs were the tastiest.
It must be because the hens are so well-loved and carefully tended to that their eggs were chosen as the best. Organic brown-speckle, free-range jumbo or regular size came in second place behind the white farm-fresh eggs. 

As a food lover who has spent time behind a food demonstrator’s table, I did not stand a chance tasting the difference between the eggs. Each tasted great.

The Alameda Backyard Chickens group hosts an annual tour of its facilities, usually coinciding with Bike to Work Day in May.