Chamber of Commerce Launches Foundation

Chamber of Commerce Launches Foundation

The Alameda Chamber of Commerce announced last week it has established a 501(c)(3) foundation to conduct and support the Chamber’s educational and charitable programs. The programs focus on business, leadership, and community challenges and development. The foundation will conduct a variety of educational activities which will include training, scholarship, entrepreneurial growth, awareness building, inclusion, opportunities for collaboration in the Alameda community.

According to the Chamber’s press release, the foundation will also focus on equity, with the understanding that the vibrancy of the entire community is determined by the well-being of all.

“We are so excited to see this foundation come to fruition,” said Madlen Saddik, President & CEO of the Alameda Chamber. “Its creation will help provide much needed educational resources for the community such as training for entrepreneurs, development of leadership skills, and educational opportunities for previously underserved groups like young professionals, women, minorities, and independent business professionals in our community.”

According to Saddik, the foundation will have its own advisory board, budget, and treasurer. We are currently accepting tax-deductible donations to help the foundation begin its important work.

To make a contribution to the foundation and help bring additional educational programming and assistance to the Alameda community, contact Saddik at (510) 522-0414.