Ceremonies Held for Newest Alameda Art Installations

City of Alameda Top Photo: Webster Gateway Mural Bottom Photo: Calimar

Ceremonies Held for Newest Alameda Art Installations

The opening ceremony for Calimar, by artist Rossella Scapini, was held on Saturday, Dec. 11, 2021, at the artwork’s new home on the Alameda Point shoreline overlooking the Bay Trail near the Ron Cowan Central Bay Operations and Maintenance Facility.

Mayor Ezzy Ashcraft, Councilmember Trish Herrera Spencer, members of the Public Art Commission (PAC), and city staffers were among the approximately 40 people in attendance for the celebration that consisted of collaborators on the artwork, friends of the artist, and other members of the public.

In addition to speeches by Ashcraft, Chair of the PAC, Adam Gillitt, and the artist, Rossella Scapini, the opening ceremony featured a musical performance utilizing the sculpture itself by artist/composer Guillermo Galindo.

In addition to the Calimar sculpture on Alameda Point, a mural was recently completed on Webster Street on Dec. 10.

The West End Arts District hosted an opening party for the recently completed Webster Gateway Mural by Oakland muralist Dave Young Kim and Reno, Nev. artist, Erik Burke. The mural is located on the north wall of Ceron Kitchen (formerly Otaez Restaurant), 1619 Webster St., which is slated to open this year. The mural celebrates the history, creativity, and natural beauty of Alameda.