Center Requests Help

The Center for Impaired Living’s (CIL) competitive wheelchair rugby team, The California Storm, is seeking help to fund future competitions. 
The team is based at the Alameda chapter of the CIL, located at 2490 Mariner Square Loop, Suite 210. The team is coached by Chris Cook. 
The California Storm participates in tournaments around the country. Quad rugby is played indoors, on a gymnasium court, by players with some impairment in both arms and legs. Quad rugby is played in more than 25 countries and is considered a summer Paralympic sport. 
The California Storm will play a tournament in Seattle on Friday, Oct. 19 and the Best of the West Tournament on Thursday, Nov. 8. 
CIL was created in 1972 by several UC Berkeley students with the goal to make academic and social life of college accessible to all. The CIL offers physically challenged people services for like counseling, housing assistance and more. 


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