Cell Phone Stop Reveals Million Bucks in Alameda

Cell Phone Stop Reveals Million Bucks in Alameda


Drugs, money found in storage units

The Alameda County Narcotics Task Force retrieved more than 100 pounds of marijuana and $1 million in cash from several storage units in Alameda Saturday, April 8. The discoveries came after two men were arrested for what was initially supposed to be a simple vehicle violation turned into the major haul. 

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) said an officer spotted a man talking on his cell phone while driving a van on Interstate 580 near Castro Valley. As the CHP officer approached the vehicle he was cut off by another man driving a sedan. CHP said the driver of the sedan was trying to distract the officer so the van could evade arrest.

The two vehicles sped away from the officer, but eventually multiple officers were called in and were able to track down the two suspects. Officers confiscated more than 200 pounds of marijuana from the van and another eight pounds from the sedan. 

Investigators took the two suspects in for questioning. The investigation led officers to the Alameda storage units. The task force and a sheriff’s K-9 unit searched the storage facility. 
Ultimately, authorities locked in on two units. In the units, investigators found more than 100 pounds of processed marijuana, pot growing equipment and a suitcase filled with $1.03 million in $100 bills, according to the task force. In all, sheriff’s officers seized 325 pounds of marijuana from the vehicles and storage units. 

Investigators said the two men are possibly a part of larger underground narcotics network. Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Sgt. J.D. Nelson said the department is not releasing the names of those arrested or the location of the two storage units due to the ongoing investigation. 

The suspects were charged with suspicion of sales and transportation of narcotics. The Alameda Police Department (APD) had no role in the arrest or the investigation leading to the retrieval of narcotics, according to APD Lt. Hoshmand Durani.

California legalized recreational marijuana after a vote on the Nov. 8, 2016, ballot measure. However, the law states that the commercial sale, cultivation and production of marijuana are allowed only by licensed providers.