Celebrating Veterans Day Alameda Style

Alamedans remembered and thanked their veterans, both living and dead  last Wednesday as the nation celebrated Veterans Day.
Activiites about the aircraft carrier USS Hornet hosted its annual remembrance with a wreath tossing ceremony (above left) with Bill Fee piping and saluting, right, and Eldon Brodie and Lashon Lang doing the honors with the wreath. 
Mayor Trish Spencer addressed those gathered at Veterans Memorial Hall, where veterans stood to be recognized by those in attendance (below). 
A full house at the Alameda Elks Lodge (above right) listen as Nick Pereira, a retired Marine lieutenant colonel who served in Vietnam, welcomed members of the active-duty military to the lodge’s annual Veterans Day dinner. 
Pereira proudly told those in attendance that 129 members of the lodge are veterans. He shared the special role the Elks played in America’s wars over the years.