CBD Beauty & Wellness Boutique Now Open on Webster

Woman, minority-owned CBD company brings hemp-derived beauty products to Alameda

Malaya Botanicals has opened its first brick-and-mortar location at 1542 Webster St. This marks the first CBD company to open a physical location in Alameda, signalling the continued growth of the CBD industry.

What is CBD or Cannabidiol? 
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound extracted from the flower of cannabis or hemp plant. Unlike THC, CBD does not contain any psycho-active properties and has been used therapeutically for thousands of years. Doctors have tested and confirmed by scientists as a safe, non-addictive natural substance with powerful properties.

Malaya Botanicals launched in 2018 with the mission to democratize healthcare and make the benefits of CBD accessible for everyone. Malaya’s line of beauty and wellness products includes CBD-infused creams, essential oils, tinctures, hair and skincare, bath products and more. All the products are made with premium ingredients locally grown, and crafted with utmost care. 

Malaya Botanicals is also women-owned and minority-operated, which founder Pia T. Barton says is core to her mission of empowering individuals with affordable and accessible forms of care and wellness.

“I was motivated to create Malaya Botanicals after my own struggles with chronic pain,” said Barton, a former triathlete and cannabis industry expert. “CBD changed my life mentally, emotionally and physically. I decided to make it my advocacy to normalize cannabis and empower more people through CBD, self-care and education.”

The Malaya Botanicals storefront will also feature a community wellness and CBD education center for consumers to drop in, chat with a team of industry experts and try new products. 

The CBD industry has been growing exponentially, with Rolling Stone reporting that the industry would reach $22 billion by 2022. CBD awareness and acceptance amongst Americans is also growing. A Gallup poll report indicated that two in three Americans indicate they are already familiar with CBD. However, reliable sources of information about CBD are still lacking.

The Malaya team has extensive experience in the cannabis industry, having worked with cannabis farmers, regulators and consumers for several years.  Its expertise ensures that the products are formulated with the highest quality.

“The growth of the CBD industry means a lot of new businesses are cropping up,” said Barton. “So having a storefront is a significant step to helping educate people about CBD and how it can work for your lifestyle.”