Candlelight Vigil at City Hall

Photos by Dennis Evanosky Rev. Laura Rose addresses the crowd assembled at City Hall.


The national election proved very emotional for a lot of Alamedans. In an almost spontaneous reaction to Donald Trump’s election to the presidency, Susan Davis conceived the perfect retort. Instead of violence, peace. Instead of throwing rocks and spray painting graffiti, light candles; instead of spewing hate, pray.  She and John Knox White invited Alamedans to gather at City Hall for a candlelight vigil.

The turnout last Friday evening — some 300 people, many of them parents with their children — surprised them both. The energy surprised no one. People came together in a positive way to process and prepare for the future. The vigil affirmed the power of inclusiveness and compassion that many felt was lost upon the news of Trump’s election.  

“Seeing so many Alamedans step up to create this special event speaks volumes about both the grieving and concern that many in our community are feeling, but also in their interest in proactively standing up and proclaiming that we are ready to stand with all Americans against intolerance, injustice and inequality. I was moved by the generosity of the many people who made this happen so quickly,” Knox White said.