Caltrans Looking for Comments on Tube Traffic ‘Access’ Project

Caltrans Looking for Comments on Tube Traffic ‘Access’ Project


Caltrans is moving forward with the Oakland-Alameda Access Project. Caltrans says that it aims to improve connections between Interstate 880, Interstate 980 and the Webster and Posey tubes that connect the cities of Alameda and Oakland. Improvements would speed the flow of traffic out of the Posey Tube into Oakland. Once out of the tube, traffic would turn right onto Fifth Street and follow a “horseshoe” loop under I-880 at Jackson Street, easing access to northbound I-880. 

Part of the new configuration in Oakland would allow Sixth Street to flow uninterrupted from Oak Street to Broadway. Sixth Street between Oak and Washington streets would get a facelift that includes bicycle lanes, a multi-use path and new, enhanced sidewalks. 

If all goes as planned this would spell the end to the Broadway off-ramp from Interstate 880, increasing access for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists for eight city blocks along the northern side of the Interstate. 

Plans for the interior of the Posey Tube include widening the west side of the tube so that there are one-way multi-use ADA-accessible paths on both sides.  Caltrans calls this a near-term improvement for pedestrians and bicyclists. It says that other options are on the table, including water shuttles, a bicycle-pedestrian bridge and a new, dedicated, clean transit and bicycle-pedestrian tunnel. In the meantime Caltrans says that there are no plans to improve air quality in the tubes. 

The three-year-long construction project will begin in 2021. Caltrans welcomes comments from the public on the project. 

The comment period is open until Tuesday, Oct. 31. Written comments can be made at: Caltrans, District 4, Attn: Melissa Coppola, Associate Environmental Planner, 111 Grand Ave., MS 8B, Oakland, CA 94612, or by emailing, verbal comments can be made by calling 286-4736.