Building 5 Cleanup Underway

The Navy has announced that it has scheduled cleanup activities at several shallow groundwater sites in and around Building 5 at West Tower Avenue and Monarch Street at Alameda Point. Building 5 served the Navy as its air rework facility. Personnel not only cleaned, reworked and manufactured metal parts, but applied radioluminescent paint to aircraft dial faces and refurbished aircraft instrumentation. 

The shallow groundwater at the cleanup site contains volatile organic compounds (VOC). The Navy will install groundwater-monitoring wells to evaluate these VOC concentrations. The remedy for shallow groundwater at the site consists of treating the VOC-impacted water, monitoring that water and implementing institutional controls. 

Operations in Building 5 ceased in 1993, four years before the Naval Air Station closed. 

The Navy says that it will confine remediation activities to the area within and immediately adjacent to Building 5. The project does not require the use of heavy equipment or trucking of material to or from the site. The Navy expects no significant impact on traffic.