Bridging Gap in Island Trail

Bridging Gap in Island Trail


The City Council will review additional information on the proposed Cross Alameda Trail gap on Atlantic Avenue at its Tuesday, July 18, meeting.

The project is called the Cross Alameda Trail (CAT) Atlantic Gap. Currently there are two segments of CAT approved. The Ralph Appezzato Memorial Parkway (RAMP) segment from Main to Webster streets and the Jean Sweeney Park segment from Constitution Way to Sherman Street. However, these two trails are separated by a one-block gap on Atlantic Avenue between Webster Street and Constitution Way. 

Over this past year, city staff worked with interested parties, including AC Transit, to provide a safe connection between the 500-foot gap.

On April 18, City Council approved a design concept that will add a mid-block crossing; a two-way, 10-foot wide, protected bicycle lane on the south side of Atlantic; a raised corner safety island that will create a protected area for people biking to wait for the traffic signal; and a six- to 7.9-foot-wide sidewalk. The project will also improve bus stops by adding a railing between the bus stop and the protected bicycle lanes; and remove the step up to the bus stop, and create a fully level corner plaza that seamlessly connects to the bus stop. 

However, Council still had questions about the project and requested enhanced renderings before it approves the project. 

Questions asked by council members included whether to allow a mid-block left turn into the Housing Authority driveway on 701 Atlantic Ave. City staff recommend against it, given the number of other allowed right- and left-turning movements and potential bicycle/pedestrian conflict points in this short block.

The City Council also expressed a desire to prohibit left turns onto the Webster Square shopping center. The Transportation Commission requested more analysis on peak-hour left-turn restrictions, which staff is looking into. The property owner opposes any changes to access.

Finally, Council asked to be provided information on the traffic impacts of eliminating the half-block of the through/right-turn lane from eastbound Atlantic Avenue to southbound Constitution Way. At Constitution and Atlantic, the project would add one second of delay in the morning peak hour, and 7.5 seconds of delay in the evening peak hour.

City staff estimates the project will cost $1,113,000, according to a City Manager Jill Keimach’s report. The improvement work itself, to construct the new bike lane, bus stop and more, is estimated to cost $310,000. The signalization work, which includes installing new protected left turn signals at Constitution/Atlantic, and relocating signals at both intersections, is estimated at $270,000.

If the council approves the design, staff will combine the plans and implementation of the CAT Atlantic Gap project with the CAT RAMP segment (from Webster to Main). These two segments will be bid together and constructed as one project. Staff anticipates the project will be bid in late 2017 and be built by mid-2018.