Police Blotter

The Alameda Police Department (APD) personnel went to the Santa Rita County Jail Sunday, March 23, to order the immediate release of a man who was falsely accused of attempting to kidnap a nine-year-old Alameda girl.

Brian Rourock of Alameda, was arrested for suspicion of battery, kidnapping and annoying or molesting a child after he allegedly grabbed the victim around 4:30 p.m. Friday, March 21, on the 3200 block of Madison Street. 

The alleged victim told police Rourock, 53, grabbed her and told her to come with him, according to APD Lt. Wayland Gee. Police said the alleged victim managed to escape and ran to a friend’s house where she then notified police. When police arrived the alleged victim described Rourock as the suspect and police arrested him at his home.

However, the victim’s mother contacted APD two days later after she overheard her daughter making statements that caused her to question her daughter’s story. 

Upon further investigation, APD learned that the juvenile fabricated the kidnapping incident, including self-inflicting minor wounds on her body to make it look like a struggle occurred. The juvenile also admitted that she never had any contact with Rourock and only knew of him from her neighborhood. 

APD officials filed the necessary paperwork and Rourock was released on Sunday after two days in jail. He has no pending charges from this incident. 

APD investigators will be conducting further follow up regarding the false police report to determine an appropriate resolution.

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