Bellato Wins Local Club Title

Courtesy photo Alameda Women’s Golf Club Champion Stephanie Bellato holds up her massive trophy.

Stephanie Bellato withstood a final-round charge from Tai Chewpanich to win the Alameda Women’s Golf Club’s 84th Annual Club Championship last Thursday, on the Earl Fry Course.

Chewpanich gave Bellato all she could handle by posting a gross of 79 — the lowest of the final round. Bellato posted a gross 251 in three rounds of play — the club champion was decided by gross score instead of net score. Bellato shot an 82 in the final round last Thursday. She won the title by just four strokes over Chewpanich.

No other golfer came within 20 strokes of Bellato in the final standing. Jenny Bae shot a 94 in the final round to give her a three-day total of 273, Bernice Herzberg shot a 91 in the final round and ended her tournament run with a 275.

There was very little movement in the top ten from round two to the final round. Dot Moody entered the final round in sixth place with a 192 gross score, while Barbara Mickle had a 191 gross score entering the final round, good for fifth place.

Moody jumped Mickle by posting a gross 90 (overall 282 gross) in the final round, while Mickle shot a gross 92 (overall 283 gross).

Maggie Lindquist entered the final round in ninth place (gross 196) but leapt Jackie Suh and Sarah Valentine with a gross 88 (284 overall) in the final round to finish in seventh place.

Mickle held on to first flight bracket — handicap of 10 to 23 — with a net 214 — the flight competitions are determined by net scores. She shot a net 69 in the final round. Moody and Chewpanich tied for second place with net 219s. Sarah Valentine charged past Susan Yoon to win the second flight — handicap of 25 to 30.

Valentine entered the final round in second place with a net 143 (69-74), but posted a net 68 in the final round to give her an overall net 211. Yoon entered the final round with a three-shot lead (net 140). However, she shot a net 75, seven strokes behind Valentine. She finished second with an overall net 215.

Bobbie Hoepner won the third flight — handicap of 31 to 40. She entered the final wound in second place (net 156), but posted a net 74 (net 230) in the final round to overtake Kay Park who posted a net 77. Hoepner won by just one stroke as Park finish with an overall net 231.