Beach Cleanup Made Easier

Courtesy photographs  Visitors to Alameda beaches can find three boxes like this one along the shoreline encouraging cleanup by every day users of the beach.

Beach Cleanup Made Easier


The East Bay Regional Park District has teamed up with All One Ocean to help keep plastic and other litter from invading San Francisco Bay, killing birds and fish. They have installed three boxes and stock them with recycled coffee bean bags. Visitors to the Alameda shoreline are invited to take these bags and use them to pick up any plastic they find, put the plastic into the coffee bags and dispose of the bags in the nearby garbage cans. 

Every week Katie Cameron collects recycled coffee bags from the local coffee houses and uses them to replenish the boxes. She also restocks the boxes with hand cleaner. “Instructions on the box tell you what to pick up, and what’s too dangerous,” Cameron said.

The boxes with the coffee bean bags and hand cleaner are located at: Shore Line Drive and Park Street; at Crown Beach near the Crab Cove Visitor Center; and at Encinal Beach near the Encinal Boat Ramp to the west of Encinal High School. 

All One Ocean is a project of the Earth Island Institute, which provides simple, inexpensive, community-based solutions to keeping trash out of the oceans. All One Ocean works to educate and inspire people to help clean up the oceans with boxes along shorelines with educational signs, kids’ art and repurposed bags so everyone can pick up debris while they enjoy the beach.

“Please visit one of our three boxes, grab an empty coffee bean bag, and pick up some litter when you walk or jog,” Cameron said. “And tell your friends!”