BCDC to Review Harbor Bay Marriot


Until February 2014, the 1.51-acre parcel at 2350 Harbor Bay Parkway was zoned as open space. On July 13, 2015, the Planning Board approved a plan for a Marriott Fairfield Inn with five stories and 100 rooms in the middle of a shoreline greenway.

The Bay Area Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC), the state agency that oversees development within 100 feet of the bayshore, must review the hotel plan and issue a permit. The commission will review the hotel’s design at a public meeting at 5:30 p.m., next Monday, May 9, at 455 Golden Gate Ave. Suite 10600 in San Francisco.

Alameda Sun readers unable to attend the meeting can contact  Lawrence J. Goldzband, the commission’s executive director, at larry.goldzband@bcdc.ca.gov; its bay design analyst Ellen Miramontes at ellen.miramontes@bcdc.ca.gov, as well as the coastal program analyst Jhon Arbelaez-Novak at jhon.arbelaez@bcdc.ca.gov.

Members of the community opposed to the hotel have formed the Committee to Complete Shoreline Park. For more information, contact Gary Thompson at 750-6135 or Pat Lamborn at 910-5117.