Bae Wins Club Championship

Jenny Bae, Alameda Women Golf Club Champion for 2014

Sun Staff Reports

Jenny Bae overcame a two-shot deficit and a two-hole playoff to earn the crown at the Alameda Women’s Golf Club’s 83rd Club Championship tournament last Thursday, Sept. 25 on the Earl Fry Course.

Bae entered the final round of the three-round tournament two shots behind Tai Chewpanich for first place. Bae shot a gross 85 in the final round to finish with an overall 252. Chewpanich shot a gross 87 and also finished with an overall 252 — the tournament championship is awarded to the golfer with the lowest gross score. The two golfers squared off in a playoff that went two holes with Bae winning.

Stephanie Bellato tied for the lowest gross score of the third round (84) to pull to third place with an overall 258. Pat O’ Hara also shot a gross 84 in the final round; she finished in seventh place with an overall 283.

Barbara Mickle had the lowest net score of the tournament. Mickle played in the second flight — handicap of 23 to 25. She shot a net 210 over the three rounds of play including a net 66 in the final round.

O’Hara had the lowest net score of not just the final round, but any round in the tournament. She shot a net 61 in the final round and finished with an overall net 214 for second place in the flight. Sarah Valentine scored a net 218 for third place in the flight.

Bae scored a net 213 in the first flight — handicap of nine to 20. Dot Moody won the first flight bracket with a net 216 — the winner of the overall tournament is excluded from the net tournament. Chewpanich finished with a net 225.

Jean Cho won the third flight — handicap of 26 to 28 — with a net 219. Bobbie Hoepner shot a net 69 — ten strokes better than Cho — in the final round, but had to settle for second place with a net 220.

Bonnie Kim won the fourth flight — handicap of 30 to 40 — with a net 217. Susan Logan shot a net 224 for second place.