Award Winning Documentary Now Available to Stream

Award Winning Documentary Now Available to Stream


Shallow Waters can be viewed in its entirety online

A documentary film on one of the most painful events in Alameda history attempts to answer the question: how does a mentally ill person drown himself in a few feet of water at a crowded beach on Memorial Day? Shallow Waters: The Public Death of Raymond Zack documents the events surrounding the 2011 death of Zack, an Alameda resident.

Zack, tall, middle-aged and fully dressed, walked up to his shoulders into San Francisco Bay and waited. Police and fire units responded and waited. A good-sized crowd watched and waited. All as Zack slowly expired. What went wrong? Shallow Waters dives deep into the current human condition.

The film has won multiple awards including Best Documentary at the New Hope Film Festival and was screened at the convention of the American Psychological Association in 2016.

The 32-minute film by Jaime Longhi of Maybe Alameda Pictures can be viewed at http://firstrun for a small fee, or streamed at no charge for educational purposes.