AUSD Superintendent to Resign at End of School Year

Sean McPhetridge

At its Feb. 26 public meeting, the Board of Education for the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) announced that Superintendent Sean McPhetridge will be resigning from his position at the end of this school year. 

“Superintendent McPhetridge and the district have reached an agreement, which was signed and accepted by unanimous vote of the Board, that he will be resigning his position as superintendent on June 30,” Board President Mia Bonta said. “We want to thank Superintendent McPhetridge for his service to AUSD, and we look forward to working with him in the coming months to help complete the school year and effect a smooth transition.” 

McPhetridge was first hired as an assistant principal in the school district in 2000. He later went on to serve as the principal of the Alameda Science & Technology Institute, the director of secondary education, and the co-director of the former Oakland-Alameda Regional Occupational Program. He served as AUSD’s assistant superintendent from 2010 to 2013 and was hired as interim superintendent in August 2014. He became the permanent superintendent in February 2015. 

“I am proud of the work our governance team and my staff have done over the past several years,” McPhetridge said. “I look forward to working with the Board and with my staff in the months ahead to help facilitate a successful transition for the Board of Education, AUSD staff and the community we serve.”