AUSD Finds Agreement with Charter Schools

AUSD Finds Agreement with Charter Schools


The Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) Board of Education (BOE) will place a district representative on the Community Learning Center Schools (CLCS) board after approving an agreement at its Feb. 12 meeting. 

All five BOE members voted to approve a settlement agreement with CLCS in the closed session portion of the school board meeting. CLCS operates Alameda Community Learning Center and Nea Community Learning Center. 

The settlement marks an end to a dispute between the school district and CLCS. The disagreement started after the district voted to appoint Jeff Cambra to the CLCS board in February 2017. AUSD was exercising a provision in state law that allows school districts to place a district representative on the governing board of a charter school, according to an AUSD press release. Shortly thereafter, the CLCS board voted to remove Cambra from its board. AUSD responded by filing a suit against the charter organization.

The district and CLCS have agreed on terms under which the district’s current and future representatives to CLCS’ board will be seated. 

The school district decided to reinstate Cambra to the CLCS board. 

“We are grateful for Mr. Cambra’s willingness to serve on the CLCS Board,” said AUSD Superintendent Sean McPhetridge. “His patience as this matter has gone through the legal process. And we appreciate CLCS working with us to resolve this matter.”

Per the settlement, the term of AUSD’s representative on the CLCS board will last three years. It also mandates that AUSD’s representative will be instructed to avoid communicating to AUSD regarding CLCS discussions in closed session and with counsel.

“CLCS values discussion and collaboration in both our classrooms and our schools,” said CLCS Executive Director Annalisa Moore. “We appreciate the chance to work with AUSD to develop agreements about the appointee process.” 

The settlement also provides the circumstances under which an AUSD representative on the CLCS board can be removed.

“We are happy to bring this dispute to a close,” said AUSD Board President Mia Bonta. “I look forward to improving our relationship with CLCS as its charter authorizer moving forward.”  

CLCS Board President Kymberly Miller added, “We look forward to working with AUSD and strengthening our relationship in the community in the months and years ahead.”

As part of the settlement, both parties agreed to pay their own legal costs for the litigation. 

Cambra is an Alameda resident and has volunteered on many Alameda issues. He is the former president of the Alameda League of Women Voters. He ran for Alameda City Council in 2012, but was not elected.