ASTI Students Organize Mental-Health Assembly

Courtesy AUSD &nbsp&nbsp Students at Alameda Science and Technology Institute held an assembly to help raise awareness of mental health in September.

ASTI Students Organize Mental-Health Assembly

Student leaders at Alameda Science and Techonology Institute (ASTI) held a schoolwide assembly last month to help their peers learn that mental health issues are normal, that talking about them is helpful and that resources are available to discuss them. The student leaders facilitated the process by having their classmates take a quiz.

The quiz helped the students learn about the stigmas that surround mental illness and taught them about symptoms of mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. 

During this first-ever Mental Health Awareness Week at ASTI, students also had opportunities to pledge to serve as an ally to those suffering from depression and to learn about stress and self care. The week-long series of events was initiated and implemented entirely by students. 

“I respect people who come out of the gate and create something that’s never been done before,” Principal Tracy Corbally said as she introduced the students at the start of the assembly. “These students have done a remarkable job.”