Armed Confrontation

photo by Dave Id/
photo by Dave Id/

Armed Confrontation

According to witnesses at the scene, the armed man pictured at the left confronted demonstrators on Mosely Avenue on Monday.

He yelled obscenities, telling them to get out of his neighborhood, witnesses said.

No shots were fired, however the state of California prohibits people from openly carrying firearms — both handguns and long guns, whether loaded or unload— in public,

At 1:45 p.m. the following day Alameda Police Department (APD) announced on its Facebook page that it “has launched an investigation into the reports of armed individuals who attempted to confront peaceful protesters.”

In its Facebook post, APD stated that the department was made aware of a caravan protest involving more than 100 vehicles.

According to APD, after the protesters entered a residential neighborhood, the department began receiving calls about “multiple individuals with firearms”

“Out of concern for the safety of the protesters and neighboring residents, all available personnel were immediately dispatched to the area,” the Facebook post stated.

APD reported that it officers received updates of the crowd’s disbursement. Once on scene, officers began an investigation into identifying and locating the individuals with weapons.

The people the gunman was allegedly threating with his weapon were part of a caravan that Anti Police-Terror Project (APTP), organized to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. APTP founder Cat Brook told KQED news that the caravan was part of an annual protest march, that is using motor vehicles this year because of the pandemic. Brooks told KQED, which broke the story on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, that she wants to re-imagine what a just society looks like.

APD stated that the department is asking anyone with information regarding the confrontation or anyone with home surveillance footage to call, (510) 337-8340.

APD did not return the Alameda Sun’s phone call.

Photo courtesy Dave Id/
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