Are You Outraged?

Are You Outraged?


A group called “Showing Up for Racial Justice” or SURJ will be hosting a vigil to discuss and confront situations in America they find outrageous. According to the group, the attacks by police on unarmed black men and women in Oakland, San Francisco, Baltimore, Tulsa, Baton Rouge and other cities across the country have led many to feel outraged. 

Usually in these cases no officers are charged or held accountable for their actions.
In addition, SURJ states that undocumented communities being targeted for mass deportation; Islamophobia and assaults on Muslims are being helped along by the racist and xenophobic rhetoric from President-elect Donald Trump.

“We can channel our anger and sadness into action for racial justice! Our human billboard vigils are a simple way to demonstrate our commitment to each other and our communities,” stated Alameda resident and vigil coordinator, Ruth Smiler. “We envision a society where we struggle together with love — for justice, human dignity and a sustainable world.”

The public is invited to be creative and bring a sign this Saturday, Jan. 14, from noon to 1 p.m. at the corner of Park Street and Santa Clara Avenue.

SURJ suggests the following messages for signage:

  • Will you stand against racism?
  • Stand against Islamophobia!
  • No deportation! No walls!
  • Solidarity with our undocumented neighbors
  • No human being is illegal!
  • End White Silence
  • White silence = White consent
  • LGBTQ neighbors welcome here!
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Everyone Belongs Here

“Express your solidarity with black and other targeted communities and to support racial justice now!” stated Smiler.

The event will be held rain or shine and is the first of several planned vigils. The group plans to gather every Saturday, at the same time and place, beginning with this tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. in honor of Martin Luther King Day which occurs the day following the SURJ vigil.

Find out more at the “Showing Up for Racial Justice” website at