APD Warns of ‘Hot Prowls’

Alameda Police Department Alameda police are seeking the public’s help in identifying this man in connection with a recent string of hot-prowl burglaries.

Latest incident on record involved sexual assault, police said Monday

The Alameda Police Department (APD) is actively investigating six hot-prowl burglaries — break-ins that occur with the victims present. This string of burglaries happened during the late night or early morning hours between June 16 and Aug 9 on the West End. The latest break-in allegedly involved a sexual assault. 

In each of the cases the suspect description and method of operation is similar. APD is still trying to identify this suspect and is asking for the public’s assistance. Police describe the suspect as a dark-skinned male, 18 years or older, weighing 150 pounds with a haircut curly on top and short on the sides.

On Aug. 9, APD dispatch received a call from a West End parent. In this latest of six incidents, the caller told the dispatcher that the suspect cut the screen on her daughter’s open bedroom window, entered the bedroom and sexually assaulted her daughter while she was still asleep. 

APD detectives and the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office crime lab technicians were dispatched to the home. Detectives are investigating leads, including include videos and evidence collected from various crime scenes.

APD has also deployed units for directed enforcement during night-time hours and has increased both uniformed and plain-clothed patrols on the West End. 

“We strongly urge Alameda residents be extra diligent in securing doors and windows in their homes,” the city stated in a press release. 
APD asks residents to call 337-8340 to report any suspicious activities and discuss any information they may have that could help solve these crimes.