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Pandemic sweeping nation, world

Alameda continues diligently following the guidelines set forth in the California shelter-in-place order — now in its fourth week. Alameda Sun staff has taken to wearing masks in public along with many other Americans. Word from the medical community is that our efforts at social distancing have begun to “bend the curve” —lowering the number of cases reported in a short space of time — here in California and other places where sheltering in place is being respected.

Press release courtesy of the City of Alameda.

Alameda County releases dashboard with detailed information on COVID-19 cases, shows 18 cases in the City of Alameda

‘We are not out of the woods yet’ says Gov. Newsom

Two developments last week signal how serious the battle against COVID-19 has become, and how seriously we must engage in this fight to contain its spread: public health officers from the Bay Area’s six most populous counties issued a new shelter-in-place order that imposes increased limitations on travel, activity and essential business functions until May 3. They also recommended the use of face coverings when in public to conduct essential activities.

Tuesday, March 31, Alameda County joined six other Bay Area health jurisdictions to extend their shelter-in place-order through 11:59 p.m., Sunday, May 3. “The order limits activity, travel and business functions to only the most essential needs,” Alameda County’s Public Health Department announced on its website. According to the department the prior order had been effective in flattening the curve in terms of transmitting COVID-19, but “it is not enough.”