APD Responded to Pair of Shootings Last Week

APD Responded to Pair of Shootings Last Week

Washington Park
The Alameda Police Department (APD) responded to two shooting incidents in consecutive days last week resulting in three arrests and two people being treated for gunshot wounds.

The first shooting occurred Thursday, Aug. 6. APD received a call at 9:16 p.m. of a reported shooting at Lower Washington Park. APD officers arrived at the park to conduct an area search, but could not locate the victim or the suspect, according to an APD report.

Shortly after, APD received a call from a local hospital that a gunshot victim was in their care, according to reports. Additional officers went to the hospital to speak with the victim. Officers confirmed that the individual was the victim of a shooting at Lower Washington Park and determined the victim’s injuries were serious but non-life threatening.

Officers at the scene of the crime were able to locate evidence that a shooting did occur at Lower Washington Park. Police believe the shooting took place near the picnic tables, just behind the baseball field, between 5 and 9 p.m.

APD has not made an arrest in the shooting and are still searching for more evidence. They ask anyone with knowledge of the incident or the identity of the suspect to come forward and call APD Sgt. Alan Kuboyama at 337-8538.

The second shooting took place Friday, Aug. 7, a few minutes past noon, outside the Airloom Deluxe apparel store at 2322 Santa Clara Avenue in downtown Alameda, just a block away from APD. Officers were notified of a shooting involving juvenile boys. A surveillance camera from a barbershop next door captured the incident. The video has been made public.

In the video, two male teens were waiting in line in front of Airloom when they were approached by a group of five male teens and an argument ensued. Quickly thereafter the two teens pulled out firearms but did not appear to fire their weapons initially.

One of the teens, wearing a black hoodie and white baseball cap, escaped down Santa Clara toward Park Street. The other teen, wearing a yellow hoodie and black baseball cap, tried to run inside the Airloom store, but could not get in. Then a member of the other group pulled out what appeared to be an assault rifle and shot at the teen wearing the yellow hoodie. The rest of his group ran from the scene.

Surveillance footage appears to show the teen in the yellow hoodie return fire. There were several other people waiting in line in front of Airloom. They crouched down to the side of the store. They did not appear to be involved.

Once APD officers arrived they discovered multiple spent shell casings. Witnesses said they heard between 20 and 30 shots.

One of the involved parties had self-transported himself to a nearby hospital with a non-life threatening gunshot wound to the leg, according to APD reports. An adult female was struck by shrapnel. Her injuries were non-life threatening as well. She declined medical treatment. APD also learned a bullet struck the vehicle of a mother who was driving by with her two-year-old child in the backseat. The bullet was lodged in her driver’s seat. She and her child were not injured.

APD personnel began working collaboratively with Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and the Oakland Police Department to investigate this shooting. They were able to arrest the three juveniles who brandished weapons during the incident and a fourth person. The names of the four suspects were not released because they are underage. Police confiscated multiple firearms from the suspects.

APD said the two incidents were not related.