APD Officers Arrest Carjacking Suspect

Alameda Police Department--APD were called to the 300 block of Grand Street near Crown Beach after a report of a carjacking on April 5.

APD Officers Arrest Carjacking Suspect

Alameda police officers arrested a Texas man Tuesday, April 5 who reportedly was with his three-year-old daughter when he allegedly carjacked an Alameda resident on the 300 block of Grand Street.

According to police reports, Hal Vinson, 24, approached the unidentified male victim while he was sitting in his parked car around 1 p.m. that day. Vinson asked the man if he could borrow his cellphone. When the victim refused, Vinson repeatedly punched the man, while his three-year-old daughter stood on the street. The victim suffered a bloody nose, according to reports.

Vinson then placed his daughter in the passenger seat of the victim’s 2016 Honda sedan and began to drive. The victim was dragged for a short time before Vinson drove off with the vehicle.

After speaking with the carjacking victim, APD officers alerted nearby police departments.

APD and East Bay Regional Park District Police Department (EBRPD) officers worked together and located the vehicle hours later on the 7200 block of Doolittle Dr. in Oakland, near Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Park.

An EBRPD field training car located the suspect and his daughter nearby. The victim was able to identify Vinson at the scene.

Before the arrest, EBPRD was made aware of a possible unreported kidnapping of a minor from the State of Texas. EBRPD officers spoke with the family members of the three-year-old girl and began to suspect Vinson was the suspect in the case. After arresting Vinson, his daughter was taken into protective custody.

Vinson was booked into Santa Rita Jail in Dublin around 8 p.m. that day. He is being charged with carjacking and second-degree robbery, both felonies, and child cruelty a misdemeanor. He is still being held at the facility as of Monday, April 11, on $160,000 bond. His bail hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, April 19, at the Rene C. Davidson Alameda County Courthouse.

APD said they do not believe the carjacking and the kidnapping are related incidents. APD did not say why Vinson, a Texas resident, was in Alameda.