APD Arrests Robber


On Sunday, Oct. 9, an armed robber fled an AC Transit bus on Blanding Avenue. Alameda Police Department (APD) officers arrived on scene and spotted the suspect. The robber’s timing was scarcely in his favor. 

Fleet Week was underway. Not only was an East Bay Regional Parks Police helicopter flying nearby, but an Alameda County Sheriff’s Marine Patrol and a BART K-9 unit were in the area. APD set up a perimeter, and, with help from BART and APD’s K-9, conducted a thorough search. 

About 90 minutes into the search, APD Officer Cameron Miele found the suspect in a crawl space underneath a home. He arrested the suspect and recovered jewelry that may have been part of the suspect’s ill-gotten gains. APD also found the alleged robber’s pistol with one in the chamber and recovered a loaded extended magazine for the same pistol.