Angel Donors Give Second Chance to Animals

Angel Donors Give Second Chance to Animals

Like most animal shelters around the country, Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS) has a special fund dedicated to helping animals with acute medical needs. As costs continue to rise for routine pet healthcare and mandated spay/neuter services, FAAS looks to private donors to help pay for extraordinary medical care. We call it the Angel Fund.

The Angel Fund started in 2012, around the time when FAAS took over the operation of the city’s animal shelter. With nearly 1,000 homeless and abandoned pets coming into the shelter annually, limited resources preclude FAAS from using general operating funds for highly specialized medical care. Thanks to the Angel Fund and the hundreds of generous donors who give to it each year, FAAS has been able to respond to the growing demand for specialized treatment. 

In addition to the strays we receive, animals that need extra medical assistance, we get many owner-surrendered pets that are sick or old. While there are many reasons why people give up their four-legged family members (including rental agreements prohibiting pets), the inability to pay for a pet’s medical bills is a big factor. Not surprisingly, senior pets often are more prone to health issues or prolonged treatment regimes. Thankfully, the Angel Fund has been available to these pets and has made an enormous impact on their adoptability and likelihood of securing a loving forever home.

People often ask how they can give to the Angel Fund. The answer is easy. Donors can make personal contributions via check or credit card (in person or online) or attend an event in support of the cause. As an example, this Valentine’s Day, FAAS volunteers Judi Baker and Sarah Jo Neubauer have come up with a creative fundraiser to help drive contributions and awareness. 

The inspiration was a sweet puppy named Poe, whose partial paralysis suggested the need for an MRI to obtain a clearer understanding of what could be done, if anything. As a call to action to help raise money for the MRI, Judi made a video about Poe that made the evening news. Since then, Poe and the Angel Fund have generated a lot of attention including donations to help support his upcoming surgery. FAAS is grateful for this outpouring of community generosity and to VCA San Francisco for offering to perform the surgery at half price. 

But Poe is not the only one at the shelter who needs extra help. There are other sick and injured pets who also deserve a second chance. The Angel Fund is one way you can help these animals with special needs.  

Kiss-A-Bull Fundraiser at Fireside on Valentine’s
Baker and Neubauer are hosting a special event to raise awareness and support for those animals living at the shelter in need of extraordinary medical assistance for a second chance at a happy life. 

This fundraising event will help raise essential Angel Fund contributions for those that need it most. Stop by and enjoy some live music, raffle prizes, sweet treats and a yummy drink designed just for Kiss-a-Bull. Poe, one of FAAS’ Angel Fund beneficiaries will be present to show his gratitude by giving out kisses at his Valentine Kissing Booth. 

Tickets cost $20. Space is limited, so reserve a spot now! Can’t attend? Make an online donation to the Angel Fund.   

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FAAS Wish List
If you shop on Amazon and want to help, there are a number of ways that you can make a difference. Visit, type in “Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter” to see the recently updated wish list. 

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