Amblin’ Again

It’s been about a year since I stopped serious ambling around town on foot. The combination of advancing age and the feeling that “it’s okay to slow down, not to fight, to just let it happen,” gave me permission to allow desuetude to take hold. I’m lazy so I did not object and let nature take its course.

Then something changed. I’m not sure what it was, but a week ago while falling asleep I heard my inner voice saying, “You need to start walking again.” As I drifted off I thought, “Well, we’ll see if I am motivated in the morning when everything looks different.”

The morning came and without any struggle I dressed and went for a walk. A year off left me with weaker muscles and less lung stamina, so instead of several miles I walked around the block. The next morning I did the same and the next and the next. Walking is part and parcel of writing for me, it stirs the blood and greases the joints and fills my head with ideas.

I’m resolved to continue walking to lower my blood pressure and jog my writing habit. The world around us is at such a historic juncture that I want to be able to record my thoughts and impressions before I lose my great seat at this incredible show. All around the globe the struggle for freedom is raging and the forces that produce great population movements are working away.

Climate change is upon us and territoriality rages. “Not in my backyard,” has expanded to “Not in my city,” and even “Not in my country.” Pain and suffering will accompany the transitions we’re going through (as usual) and any forward progress will be made against determined opposition.

There’s so much going on it would be a shame to miss any of it and I don’t want to be feeble, weak and unable to grasp the rapidly proliferating significant events. So, in an effort to maintain enough strength of muscle, clarity of mind and joie de vivre I’m back to ambling.

And Alameda provides such a great setting for that activity. “Amble on!” is my new motto.

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