All About Washington Park

Courtesy photo &nbsp&nbsp The West End’s Washington Park as it appeared about 100 years ago. Postcard appears courtesy of

All About Washington Park

One of the fine amenities of the West End is Washington Park. Located at 740 Central Ave. the park is defined by “upper” and “lower” areas. The areas were designated historically. 

Upper Washington Park has existed since 1909 as one of the original parks designated at the creation of the city’s park department. In the 1950s, landfill created by developer Utah Construction, Inc. made possible the expansion of the park, and so Lower Washington Park was born. 

In the early 2000s, the baseball diamond at Upper Washington was named for Vice Mayor, and former Recreation Supervisor (and Oakland Oak) Anthony “Lil” Arnerich and his family, for their contributions to sports in Alameda.

Recreation amenities at Washington include: organized baseball and softball leagues, basketball courts, soccer and football fields. There is also a playground, restrooms and drinking fountains. The park’s barbecue grills and picnic tables can be reserved. The facilities are lighted allowing for play after dark.