Alamedans Ain’t Afraid of no Ghosts

It’s going to take more than just one car wash to clean  the ectoplasm off this SUV
Austin Goldin

Alamedans Ain’t Afraid of no Ghosts

Sun Staff Reports

While working the graveyard shift over the Halloween weekend, the Alameda Sun received its first ghost inspection courtesy of resident Ghostbuster Austin Goldin. Mr. Goldin arrived in his custom designed Ecto-1 unit for some late-night shopping for his family at our neighbors at the Encinal Market when Sun Staff used his fortuitous arrival to drag him into a potential supernatural fracas that was eventually revealed to be a faulty printer connection. A simple reboot was suggested, and the facilities were ultimately declared “not haunted.”

In truth, it was all part of Otis Elementary School’s annual Halloween parade. Parents and staff decorated their cars in spooky seasonal fashion. The Ghostbusters theme was further evidenced by the “Slimer” inspired vehicle leading the way. No streams were crossed and a good time was had by all. The rift between dimensions was peacefully sealed and candy was distributed safely to the children.

As evidenced by motorists and lawns across the island, Alamedans continue to fight the forces of darkness through creativity, resource fulness, and playful spirit.

Austin Goldin shows off his custom-designed Ecto-1 unit.
Photo Credit By: 
Juan Cobo