Alamedan Competes in Jeopardy! Tournament

Alameda resident Katherine Saxby, a high school English and French teacher, is an automatic semifinalist in legendary television quiz show Jeopardy!’s annual Teacher’s Tournament. Saxby, who teaches in Orinda, outpaced her competitors after the Double Jeopardy round. Saxby’s lone correct response in the Final Jeopardy round earned her a total of $13,601. 

Second- place competitor Beth Binder of Fort Collins, Colo. earned $2,800 and third-place finisher, Indi Ekanayake, earned $500. Neither of Saxby’s rivals could come up with the correct response to this clue in the category of Women Writers: “On her 2012 passing this Oscar nominee was described as ‘an essayist and humorist in the Dorothy Parker mold’ (but funnier).”

Saxby left the rest of the field behind when she responded correctly with “Who is Nora Ephron?” 

Saxby competed again yesterday, after press time, against other quarterfinal winners: Larry Martin of Kansas City, Mo., and Jake Allen of Eureka Springs, Ark.