Alamedan’s Documentary on PTSD in Oregon Festival

Clay Kempf of Alameda had his documentary, Stu Steinberg, discussing the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on America’s veterans accepted into the Oregon Documentary Film Festival in Portland, Ore. Kempf directed, shot and co-produced the film with other Bay Area filmmakers. The festival takes place this weekend. Kempf lived most of his life in Berkeley; he moved to Alameda in 2007.

“Stu Steinberg is an important documentary that I hope will serve as a vehicle to help veterans with PTSD obtain the benefits, compensation and healthcare they deserve,” Kempf stated in an email. 

Find out more about the festival at https://oregondocumentaryfilm and the film itself at

Steinberg is a veterans service officer who has assisted more than 1,000 veterans, veterans’ dependents and active-duty military personnel since 2005. The film is both a powerful and poignant reflection of the work he does, as well as the stories of how veterans try to return to normal life after being in combat and their struggles with the Veterans Administration.