Alameda Walks Visits New and Old

Last Saturday, the Alameda Recreation and Parks Department (ARPD) sponsored Alameda Walks program strolled through both history and current events. The all-ages group learned about the Mastick family and famed architects Felix Marcuse and Julius Remmel who helped shape the Island City. Myself and Alameda Sun co-publisher Dennis Evanosky (far left) led the tour with help from ARPD’s Karen Kenney and Jackie Krause of the Mastick Senior Center. Toward the end, the tour stopped by the recently completed mural at 1128 Lincoln Ave. at Bay Street, by Seoul, Korea-based artist Chris Chanyang Shim, aka Royyaldog, shown above. 

According to Korea Daily, Shim decided to visit the United States in 2016. He spent 89 days visiting New York, Modesto, Los Angeles and San Francisco. At his first stop in Bronx, New York, Shim painted a mural of his three favorite rappers: Jay-Z, T.I. and Big Pun. People reacted to the mural with enthusiasm, and Shim was soon invited to California to display his artwork further.

“It was in front of an empty wall at Los Angeles’ Container Yard where he decided to embrace something new,” Korea Daily wrote. “He drew an African-American girl and dressed her up with the Korean traditional dress, hanbok. Shim explains that he was inspired by a simple thought that these two elements would fit beautifully and uniquely together.” 

Shim brought this concept to Alameda with him.