Alameda Reaches Green Milestone

Power company converts to 100 percent green energy

January 2020 marks a major green milestone for Alameda. With community-owned electric utility Alameda Municipal Power’s (AMP) now providing 100 percent clean energy to all its customers, Alameda has joined a small group of cities leading the nation in the transition to green power. 

Among California’s utilities, AMP’s energy supply now ranks among the greenest. I am excited to announce that we have achieved this milestone decades ahead of California’s goal of 100 percent clean power by 2045. 

We have far surpassed Pacific Gas & Electric Co., which is working toward the state’s requirement to provide 60 percent renewable power by 2030. In addition, AMP provides its clean power to residential customers at a rate that is 17 percent below East Bay Community Energy’s rate for the comparable 100 percent clean power mix. 

AMP is proud to provide 100 percent clean power for all customers — not just for those who can afford to pay extra for greener energy. Plus, when residents charge their electric vehicles in Alameda, they’ll now be filling up with 100 percent clean power.

AMP’s energy mix — which includes geothermal and hydroelectric sources, wind power and landfill gas — puts our community on the national stage. We are now among a handful of other American cities that have also reached their 100 percent clean power goals: Aspen, Colo.; Burlington, Vt.; Georgetown, Tex.; Greensburg, Kan.; Rockport, Mo. and Kodiak Island, Alaska. 

As I take great pride in AMP’s success, I am grateful to our community for making it happen. AMP achieved a 100 percent clean energy mix because of Alameda’s residents. And it didn’t occur overnight. When the community owns its electric utility, it means the community can set the standard for environmental stewardship. 

Decades ago, “you,” Alameda’s residents, decided you wanted your utility to be green. Since then, AMP has become a leader in the promotion of clean and sustainable power. 

The Alameda community’s commitment to clean energy goes hand-in-hand with the goals in the City of Alameda’s Climate Action and Resiliency Plan. In fact, AMP’s clean power mix goes a long way toward reaching the plan’s goal of lowering the community’s greenhouse-gas emissions to 50 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. 

Our little island has become a national trendsetter by greening its electricity mix ahead of major cities like Los Angeles, Boston and New York City. We have much to be proud of this year as we come together to address climate change in our community and set an example for the nation. 


Nicolas Procos is the general manager of AMP.