Alameda Rabbi Offers Much Needed Aid to Ukrainians

Temple Israel of Alameda--Temple Israel of Alameda Rabbi Steven Chester is pictured with supplies he will hand out to Ukrainian refugees when he meets them on his humanitarian trip to Poland.

Alameda Rabbi Offers Much Needed Aid to Ukrainians

Rabbi Steven Chester of Temple Israel of Alameda traveled to Poland with 24 other Reform Rabbis and Cantors on April 9 to support Ukrainian refugees displaced due to the Russian Invasion.

The humanitarian mission is in coordination with multiple organizations including the Jewish Community Center of Krakow. The group will spend four days in the region, from April 10 to 14, to aid the physical and emotional needs of the refugees.

“We are going to hear their stories; to laugh with them and cry with them; to hope with them and to help them,” wrote Chester in a message to members of Temple Israel of Alameda.

Prior to leaving, Chester asked his members to donate supplies that he could give to the displaced Ukrainians. After a few days, Temple Israel collected six duffle bags and a suitcase, each weighing more than 50 pounds, full of toiletries, baby food, medicine, clothing and more. Some also donated cash to help Chester pay excessive baggage fees.

“Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity,” wrote Chester. “Those that had to flee from their homes in Ukraine thank you. You have done a wonderful Mitzvah.”

Altogether, the twenty-five rabbis raised more than $500,000 combined and thousands of pounds of need supplies as part of their mission.

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